Communication Cards

How can I edit the communication cards in order to use them in the Talk & Play application?

See the following numbered steps:

Select a language, and view the available commmunication packages. Every communication package, is accompanied by a name, a cover image, and a sound file. You can see the cards it contains by presing the button "See the cards".

Every package has a special icon in its menu list ().
Press the icon to download the files to your device.
Then unzip/extract the files in the folder
C:\Users\USERNAME\Talk and Play\communicationCards

How can I create a package;
Press the button "Create new communication package", and fill-in the form that will appear with a package name, a cover image and a sound file representing the package.

Note: When creating a new package, it will need to get an administrator's approval in order to become visible in the collection

If you desire, you may clone an existing package, pressing the sign and then selecting the "clone" option. Then, you will be able to add, remove, or modify the package's contents and finalize it as your own.

How can I add a card?
On your package of interest, select the button "Add a new card" and fill in the form that will appear with a card name, an image and a sound file representing the card

Download the app for Linux and for Windows.
See all available packages